PSIM Negros Island Chapter 1st Board of Trustees and Officer Meeting and Strategic Planning

The PSIM Negros Island Chapter conducted a two (2) day activity which composed of the following: 1. The BOT Meeting; and Strategic Planning. The said meeting was presided by the Chapter President, Loleny C. Nicor

Negros Island Chapter

For the Board of Trustees monthly meeting, the following agenda was discussed:

  • The present Status of PSME-NIC as an Accredited CPD Provider
  • Rental – Chapter Office Rental
  • Chapter Officers Uniform

For the realization of goals and self-involvement of every member of the chapter, the Chapter President encourages all the members to participate or to be involved in the planning activity. Members were assigned to a particular committee, specifically to do the planning activity. The Chapter President also presented to the body the activities for the whole year.

Likewise, the officers agreed on the three (3) major activities, to wit:

  • Support the program of National Massive Membership Move (3Ms)
  • Promote Professional Growth
  • Improve the Chapter Financial Position by at least 20% by the end of the year.



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