Engr. Jonathan P. San Juan, PME, MBA

The Board of Mechanical Engineering , the 2022 and the 2023 PSIM Board of Trustees, fellow Mechanical Engineers from different  Chapters now here live and in our live stream, My friend Deans of Mapua & UST, Student Officers from Mapua, PUP and FEU Alabang, Guests, Friends, ladies and gentlemen… good evening and welcome.

I am humbled by the trusts being given me by co-practicioners in our field.  I was asked then, by Hon. Jay Jay Cruz to head the Welfare Committee 3 years back, and because, it is what is truly in my heart I accepted. Then, I was elected in a position of real importance during a FORMATIVE Stage of any organization, the National Treasurer.

Now, the National President of PSIM.

It has been my dream , long years, to become the Chairman of the Board of Mechanical Engineering. It was not part of God’s plan yet.  I think part of his plan is for me to know the BME ‘s better, as an  ordinary Mechanical Engineer , as a brother , as a friend, and as a simple businessman. True enough, I think I have become closer to them, at least as I felt it. To Sir Joli who I’ve seen and heard the depth of his numerous ideas at work , to Sir Lorenz who I’ve seen the seriousness behind his repetitive jokes on being a faithful husband to his wife & “ baka lumagpas na tayo sa langit niyan”

I remember Chairman Boy rendering his song piece , as a contender, after I delivered a song in Zamboanga during the fellowship night. At least he knew I was the Champion, at least in singing, and not on the race to BME. I saw them all, I felt their seriousness to transform, and that inspires me despite my thinking that to become the leader of this surfacing organization is not that easy, so I took the challenge.I still believe that in my lifetime, there is something , I am tasked to perform after allowing me to see peoples characters & differences , after hearing them, after working with them.

If during past years of aspiring to lead the profession, my only mission is to unite, in PSIM, this mission holds thru. Leadership & Membership personalities differ. We can not remove that truth but can dwell on it to deliver desired outputs joyfully & without pains. Tonight, I wish that unity will be enchanced to commence this years journey. That is why I wish all of them be here.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to all for honouring the invitation to join us in this Thanksgiving and to witness the swearing-in of the 2023 PSIM National Board of Trustees.

Tonight, I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you my plans as I take over the leadership of PSIM in January 2023. I have the honour to serve as President of our professional institution. Thank you for the priviledge to serve you  and the members who count on us to protect them, in 2023.

I am proud of the 2022 PSIM National Board of Trustees  in providing significant engagement of new members and providing professional development opportunities  for us. In the year ahead, we shall continue these initiatives as well as adding new plans and programs.

As I outlined the 2023 plans, I hope, the officers and members including all of you, will takenote on how you can become involved, how you can volunteer your time, ability, resources and vigour as we put into actions our plans.

You are all welcomed to volunteer. We need you .

With the team of dedicated officers, mechanical engineers and friends , we will develop and shape the plans into programs for next year, and I hope we will all work together and assist in the implementation of the same.

Let me discuss with you about what I want to see us do in 2023. My installation as the 3rd National President of PSIM will focus on the following:

  • It is my intention to make PSIM Membership big and attractive. Membership Growth is an objective for 2023.

We will win the old and the new , by showing them how different we are to handle challenges and issues. We will win them by letting them see how we look after members welfare.

We will continue to talk to everyone about what we do.

  1. I envision to strengthen each of the Chapters , to make them active, BIG and known as the other big Chapters . I call each of the Chapters to implement a plan in their respective areas to ensure that mechanical engineers contribute to the professional uplifment of fellow mechanical engineers in their regions.

 I envision that a specific assigned Board of Trustees of 2023 will put their hands on to work with Chapters as foster leaders to achieve this. The stirring of the Chapters Gear is expected to happen all throughout, each month of 2023.

  1. I encourage our Officers to lead by example in running PSIM, and utilizing their skills and experience to assist Mechanical Engineers in the Technical, Leadership, Management ,Social to complete the formation of a wholistic Mechanical Engineer.
  1. We will focus to Reach out to the Young people to enhance their education in the field of mechanical engineering, and shape them into responsible engineers in the future. The plan is to place Resource engineer in ME schools to serve as support teacher and expected to visit classes at least once or twice a month to share relevant cases and add up to real world & technical scenarios of Mechanical Engineering.
  1. We will Provide Technical seminars to PSIM members as support to the Continuing Professional Development program of the PRC.

  2. We will establish an Internal Quality Management System giving focus on Document Controls to protect data and records, Finance Controls to ensure transparency and integrity , Defined Communication Policy to ensure that the organizations communication will not be controlled by specific individuals.

  3. I envisioned a relevant PSIM as we collaborate with various agencies of our government where our value can be created and appreciated and where agency benefits can also be enjoyed by our membership.

We have today, the Executive Director of PCIEERD for possible collaborations.

  1. The most important plan that will take place in 2023 is the formation of the “ PSIM University of leaders”.

This is a program that will train and develop mechanical engineers acquire quality learnings in business, entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management. The trainings  will provide skills to mechanical engineers as they manage their personal lives while working on their careers and professional development, to also become quality managers and executives in the future.

The University of Leaders Program intends to build the foundation on which Mechanical Engineers are challenged to grow into successful leaders and become an example of Change.

The University of leaders will invite resource persons coming from various sectors and not limited to mechanical engineers only, but with a common denominator, and that it is their expertise in management. This is to provide cutting edge knowledge  from expert executives in business leadership.

The manner to move forward to making PSIM bigger is to stay committed, bonded and to take eager interest in its development. Your new President can not achieve this without the total and full support of all the Board of Trustees & various committee leaders & of course all members. We all started on the same principle and values on which PSIM was founded, and I shall not depart from these values.

In moving forward , we need good people . Old and new ones who are  Committed, who are not trouble seekers, who listens, who has a vision of an ideal organization, who does not dwell in the past , who is humble but can produce outputs, who are Doers & followers , who can dwell with maturity, who can Tame the tonque, who believes that there is a need for healing,  who approaches each one as a brother , who understands that all are merely  volunteers , and who believes in the PSIM vision.

When we can achieve our goal to be an accredited integrated Professional Organization of PRC, it is an honor but we are not content to rest on that success when we achieve it. We shall continue to look for the chance to get forward to what still lies ahead. We shall continue to acknowledge there is still a great deal to be done. We will warmly receive ideas of members that falls within PSIMs interest.

Right after the election, a call I have received the following day. A PME and ASEAN accredited Engineer with no job and forced to sell his hard earned property , which he did not want to tell. This year , I will challenge all of us to also look on this welfare issue of our membership.

And as the new year comes, we will always remember that we will not depend on our own capabilities alone  to make all these plans happen. That all resources , all good people , all talents and all objectives & missions for PSIM are but from God, that we only are instruments to make them happen in our lifetime.

That we need to recognize the talents of those around us, that we need to focus on what we can do this year ahead . That we only have one year to lead not to waste them at all.

I thank you all for the opportunity and for the trust you have placed in me, and in putting your trust in me to lead PSIM in 2023. Thank you to all the members for your participation, and for the Chapters financial sponsorships that made this event a success. Those offerings you have shared proves that trusts, I will continue to hold on to it.

These 8 Focus areas I have mentioned will be brainstormed during our Strategic Planning Session this January, on what specific and measurable programs we will do to make them happen this year. And more specific  activities within the chapters soon be developed aligned all throughout our PSIM Organization.

Lets all be excited as we become part of an even bigger  Pambansang Samahan ng Inhenyero Mekanikal. Mine is not only to accomplish what we plan for , but in the process, integrate the many Mechanical Engineers as a community who solidly performs for the best of our profession.

And to all who will be part of 2023 journey , we will always remember that “We only have One year to Lead.”

Thank You .



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